Nooksack Tribal Council

The Tribe’s governing body consists of¬†eight elected officials: One Chairman, one Vice-Chairman, one Treasurer, one Secretary and four Councilmembers. Each official is elected by all eligible voters (18 or older) of the Nooksack Tribe.


The current Nooksack Tribal Council consists of:
- Chairman Bob Kelly
- Vice-Chairman Rick D. George
- Treasurer Agripina Smith
- Secretary Nadene Rapada
- Councilmember Bob Solomon
- Councilmember David Williams
- Councilmember Katherine Canete
- Councilmember Carmen Tageant


For more information about the Tribal Council, visit the Tribal Council office at 4979 Mount Baker Highway Suite F, Deming, WA 98244, call (360) 592-5164 or fax (360) 592-4506.

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